Joan Rivers: The Fat Phobic

So, I have had several post ideas rattling around in this here brain of mine for the last couple of weeks, however I have postponed writing about any of those topics for now because something MUCH more pressing has been brought to my attention;


If you are a Joan Rivers fan, (which I don’t know how that could even be possible) I apologize for merely pointing out the obvious. Please take this time to log off of my blog and do me the favor of never returning. Thank you and goodbye.

As for all you devoted lovers of the human body of all shapes and sizes, let me bring you up to date. Joan’s most recent example of fat-shaming took place just last week. She appeared on David Letterman’s Late Night Show on February 26th and proceeded to discuss Adele’s weight with him.

P.S. If you don’t know who Adele is, get out from the rock you are living under and educate yourself. She is amazing! I mean just look at her, absolutely stunning. 


And her voice is so soulful and hauntingly beautiful. Alright, so I have a bit of a girl crush on Adele, what of it?

Apparently Joan took it upon herself to pass judgement on Adele’s weight. She started out by saying she met Adele and then proceeded to spread her arms out and puff up her face, referring to how large Adele is, in her eyes.


She then continued with snarky comments;

“What is her song, ‘Rolling in the Deep’? She should add, ‘Fried Chicken’.” and “She sang live and said, ‘My throat, my throat, I don’t know if I can swallow.’ And I said, ‘Oh, you can swallow’.”

Really, Joan? Really? Let’s just all take a moment to look at Joan Rivers, now.


Uh huh, right. 

Here’s my real issue with all of it, Joan Rivers has spent an estimated 80,000 dollars reconstructing her face and here she is, on national television, having the audacity to judge someone else for loving their god given body! Who does she think she is? That’s my problem with it.

I understand she has made a living tearing people apart with her terrible-in-taste insults however I draw the line at tearing someone down about something that has been publicly addressed as a sensitive topic. Not just for Adele, but for the nation. We are a nation of over-sized people dealing with self-acceptance regularly and Joan Rivers is making fun of a perfectly decent human being just for being chubby.

Adele’s weight has been a topic of conversation since she emerged onto the scene (which is ABSOLUTELY outrageous to me because she is the definition of beautiful) and for Joan Rivers to make hateful remarks about her size just to get a laugh is being a BULLY. Plain and simple. Who made her the body expert?

I am not the only one who feels this way, either. Adam Hill, a comedian in Australia, who hosts the show The Last Leg feels very similarly to me. WARNING: This video is NSFW.

Good for you Adam Hill!

He is right though, Adele is one of the few role models out there that embraces who she is and doesn’t make you yearn to be a size zero. She is beautiful just the way she is, dammit!

On the other, humanistic side of things, I feel kind of bad for Joan. She clearly has had some REAL body issues her-self. To spend an ungodly amount of money changing it, it must be something she struggles with. She doesn’t come from a place where it is ok to age and wrinkle and look humanfor the love of pete! It is obvious she doesn’t love herself, but that doesn’t mean she has to pick on the people who do.

*drops mic* I am out.

6 thoughts on “Joan Rivers: The Fat Phobic

  1. Jamie Clark

    i don’t know how Joan Rivers can live with herself. How rude of her but then when isn’t she lol I am a plus size woman and have been most of my life. I really hate the world sometimes for the people that show their ignorance and make fun of fat people. We are all on this big planet together and all we have is one another. I understand that Joan doesn’t have the best self-love, self-acceptance of herself but she doesn’t need to take out her insecurities on anyone let alone someone who has a weight problem. I am glad I read your post today even though it made me mad too. Chubby’s United Forever …much love to you :)

    1. chubbymadness Post author

      I get really frustrated with the bullies in this world. How they having nothing better to do but pick on people they deem less than them somehow. But, it is people like you and I and all my readers who have slowly restored my faith in humanity. There ARE people out there who see the best in every one and they deserve to be recognized!

      1. Jamie Clark

        Everyone is equal and everyone deserves a good life regardless of size, gender, color, religion, and yes it is great to be able to believe in people again. The majority of humans are good people . there are just a few that are bad. My blog is about me and my major depressive disorder and all the ways and things I do to remain positive and to live the best, happier more fulfilled life I can. I have my moments but its a journey and believe me blogging is better than therapy LOL

  2. SarahPeas

    Seriously, have you ever seen the difference between say the cover of Cosmo versus the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition. I expressed my shock at the size of the model compared to someone who would appear on the cover of SI to my husband and he said, “that’s easy, SI is made for men, and that is what men like. Cosmo covers are made for women.”…. interesting methinks.

  3. Bob

    It must be difficult for Joan. She’s not attractive (pre or post surgeries), she’s not funny, hell, even her husband chose death over life with her. She works hard and is jealous and angry that people like Elizabeth Taylor and Adele were born naturally more beautiful, more likeable, and will make a much bigger impact on the world – and I don’t mean from their weight.


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