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Reality Checkpoint: Save the Game

Let’s start with a little history lesson, shall we?


Does anyone know who this is? Anyone? Anyone at all??

Give up? That babe is the one and only Anita Ekberg. Pause while I swoon…

She is a Swedish born woman who in 1950 became Miss Sweden before going on to compete for the title of Miss Universe. Ooooh, aaaaaah. Though, she didn’t win Miss. Universe, she did become a house hold name overnight in 1960 with her starring role in La dolce Vita. 

In Anita’s hay-day her measurements at the height of her popularity were 5’6 1/2 and 42-27-38. Though her waist was on the small side she had an incredible hourglass figure that shot her instantly to the status of sex symbol. And why not, look at her, she is gorgeous!

But wait, technically, by her measurements and society’s current size charts Anita would be considered “plus size”.

Wait, WHAT?! That body is a plus size body?  Get outta here!

But it is true, she would be considered “fat” and more than likely if she was to see a doctor in today’s society that doc would tell her she could stand to lose a little weight.

Here’s what today’s “sex symbol” looks like this:


This is Amber Valletta.

Yes, she is lovely too, but honestly it looks like she could stand to eat a sandwich. According to the world wide web her measurements are 5’7 and 34-23-34. This my friends is considered “healthy” in today’s society.


Now before we go any further let’s get one thing straight; I have NO problem with ANY SIZE, SHAPE, AGE, COLOR, SEXUAL ORIENTATION or DEFINED DIFFERENCE about a person. Are we clear?

What I do have a problem with is Fat-Shaming. What is fat-shaming you ask? How about I tell you?

Let’s use the wonderful Lesley Kinzel‘s definition.

Fat Shaming is a specific variety of body-shaming. It is not the only kind of shaming that takes place, but it is one of the more common ones. Lots of folks think fat-shaming is perfectly acceptable. More than that, lots of folks think fat-shaming is actually a good thing, because with shame as a motivator, perhaps those darn fat people will stop being so fat.

Honestly, this pisses me off more then the news of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s separation (let’s just say I took the news hard). Using shame as a motivator to get people to look like Amber Valletta should be outlawed.

I’m serious, if you see someone on the street and they happen to be on the large side of the spectrum and you witness someone else deciding they need to voice an opinion about that in a shameful manner, they should instantly be fined. “Disturbing the peace and well being of another human being” should be exactly what is stated on the fine it is made clear that, that person is a bully.

So, what can we going to do? How are we going to make this world and this society the most loving place it can and should be?

Let’s start by remembering that EVERYONE is beautiful. Big, small, tall, short, black, white, or red. It doesn’t matter. We are all human.

That’s what I want this blog to be about. Loving yourself inside and out. Finding peace with the body you were blessed with. As a plus size babe myself,  I will be honest; I do not 100% love myself every day. My hair is wild, my tummy is big, my thighs are thick, but by golly, I know that I am a good person. And for someone to judge me based on the fact that the label of jeans says size 18 is bull hockey. So, I am encouraging the revolution to start today. Right now. Self love, self acceptance, self pride. Once you love yourself you will learn to love others and even learn to appreciate their beautiful differences.

As Anita got older she started to gain more weight, which is common when you LOVE yourself and do whatever the hell you want to do. When a reporter asked her about the weight gain she responded with,

“This isn’t fatness! This is development!”

You go girl!